Tips for Writing Your College Essays in Native English

When you write your college essay, the most important factor you need to consider is whether you will be able to write your essay in Native English or not. Almost all the colleges in the US and UK do not encourage students to publish essays in non native English. If you want to get good grades, it is very important to write in native English.

Students should master native English in order to understand the subjects clearly as all the books are written in native English. If you are a non-native English speaker, it is important to learn native English so that you don’t fall behind in your academics and struggle with writing college essays.

Below are some tips students can use for writing college essays in native English.

Tips for Writing Your College Essays in Native English

  • Word Bank: Before you start writing your college essay, it is important for students to go with a positive approach. Once you receive a topic, write a small thesis. A thesis is a main argument for the essay that will help the student to think about what needs to be included in the essay to make it meaningful. By writing a thesis, the student can think about the words that need to be included in the college essay and create a word bank to build upon.
  • Search: When you are assigned a college essay topic, the best way is to act like a news reporter. Use your time for searching about the topic and asking various questions about it so that you get a lot of valuable information about the topic that can be included in the essay. The more questions you have, the more content you will get for your college essay.
  • Create Sentences: Once you have got some idea about the topic, the next step is to create meaningful sentences that can be included in your college essay. After creating the sentences, you can summarize the paragraphs and make sure you stay on track.
  • Arguments: A college essay is incomplete without arguments. It is good to prepare side by side points to make your essay rich in arguments. By creating strong arguments, you can also learn more about the topic on which you are writing your college essay.
  • Get the Help of the Editor: Students who are not very confident of writing college essays in native English should always hire a professional native English editor to make their college essay free from mistakes and grammatical errors. Only a professional will be able to find the errors that are made by non-native English speaking writers. He will be able to fix them correctly so that you have a college essay that can get good grades.


Students who wish to write essays on their own should follow the above given tips to prepare good quality essays. Others, who are still not confident of writing their own essays, can hire a professional US or UK essay writing service provider to write a top quality college essay.


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