Software Solutions in debris management

Natural disasters like tornado storms, earthquake, hurricane and fire accidents due to lightening are uncontrollable and the loss and damage are great. It is very important to clean up the area after disaster, immediately, for the safety of people and reconstruction. To manage the whole process of debris removal with efficiency and accuracy, software solutions are used. This software is called automated debris management solution, which helps the companies and agencies to self-monitor the whole process of debris removal after any kind of disaster.

These software solutions help you to keep track of all data relating the date and time. All the record about the vehicle and driver, and loading and unloading the debris and material is entered through the website. The software solutions also prevent the chance of fraud and errors because every detail is computerized.

The debris removal companies are not only responsible for the cleaning up after disaster, but also for the proper hauling and disposal of tons of debris to dump sites. For hauling the material, hundreds of trucks and labor is used.

After the disaster, the material left creates a wide range of debris. It is necessary to properly dispose of the debris according to its type.

When different companies are working together for the debris removal management, the software is needed more than ever for the accuracy of the whole process. It becomes difficult to match the paper tickets and data entries and nothing matches the record.

For larger clean ups, it is not possible to keep track of hundreds of trucks loading tons of construction debris, vegetative and demolition material from the disaster area to the dump sites, the software solutions have made it quite easy and manageable to keep track and record of loading and unloading of every vehicle. The automated electronic tracking helps to organize the debris management process and reduces the mistakes and fraud. It is also easy to track which vehicle exactly hauled which pile of material, where the material comes from and where it is going to be dumped. It also makes possible to get in touch with the driver easily in case of any emergency or problem to reduce the load loss or fraud. This software is GPS tracking system.

All data is tracked easily with date, time and GPS. This coordination ensures the accuracy of work. It becomes easy to review the information from the system and make a report to charge the client.

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