As a Landlord, Should You Opt For a Letting-Only Service?

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for landlords to run the daily affairs related to property for some reasons and that’s where they can make the most of a Let Only service. This kind of service helps landlords to have the right tenants for their land; they prepare leases and other essential documents for them as well as check different references.

Similarly, these services can prove quite effective and helpful for landlords in many different ways as they carry an audit of their property to assess and evaluate their rental property and they also give valuable suggestion to increase rental income.

Some of these services also prove quite handy to promote and market your property, as they advertise your property by placing its photographs on different property related websites. These services also offer newspaper and board advertising. These services have experienced letting agents who approve the suitable tenants after proper screening and they inform the landlords with all the viewings they attend. Similarly, Letting Only services collect security deposit and rent and they also arrange standing order signing for the coming payments.

These services also draw up legal obligations and lease, and make arrangements for signing the agreement by two or more involved parties. Those landlords who want to register their property in PRTB or Private Residential Tenancies Board can also make the most of these services. Some of these Let Only services allow landlords to be responsible to check the tenant as well as maintain their rental property.

Some letting only services provide re-let as well as renewal services and they have an array of such services, which can be very helpful for landlord to maximise their profits.

Most of the time, these services carry out the initial inspection of some property and then offer their advice about the rent level and any other issue. The letting is preceded after the settlement of issues like repairs that may include gas safety certification of the landlord, cleaning and electrical tests.

The basis of some letting is agreed in which certain things are agreed. These things are rent requirements, tenancy period, restrictions, and kind of tenant. When they get some suitable tenant for your property, they discuss all the details with you and if you find these details suitable, other references are taken and discussed with you. If you find these references satisfactory, a tenancy agreement is prepared and all terms and conditions are included in it.

Letting Only Service can prove quite effective for landlords, but they must keep the pros and cons in mind before going to opt for any such service. It is better to look after your property by yourself, but if you can’t do that for some reasons, it is better to opt for a letting Only service. This lets you avoid putting yourself in some real time consuming activities and make the most of this time in some other constructive activity, but you need a reliable and effective Letting Only service for this purpose.